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August 30, 2016, 09:54:09 am *
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 on: August 24, 2016, 04:10:02 pm 
Started by BIGHUSKERSRED - Last post by Jeri_MS
 So Happy To Hear this! My son was telling me about it but not details, they live near Brentwood, but he passes on Broadway to reach his Workplace.
Quote-"Alan is opening his own bar and restaurant on Broadway in Nashville. He just bought the former home to The Wheel and The Wheel Cigar Bar, a three-story, 6,000 square feet venue, for $5.75M  and is naming it AJ's Good Time Bar. Hmmmn" SOUNDS GREAT! :)I am so proud of Alan & All he has done in Country Music & ALL his Ventures. He has a really Wonderful Career and I'm Proud for his Family also!  Denise must be very pleased with ALL the success. as the saying goes"Behind Every Good Man is a Woman pushing Him forward." or something of this Nature.

Anyway My son is so excited living near & hopes to visit and for me to  Visit.  My son doesn't drink at all but he might have a glass of Red Wine, and enjoy the atmosphere of being in Alan Jackson's Place. He called me all about hearing about, it at work. So Proud for Alan and wish him The Best!  Oh what a Restaurant this will be
YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's to the Best Food in Nashville... Kiss

We ate once at the Palms, where they had Kenny Chesneys' Birthday and the Lobster Bisque  was terrific!! We were treated so nice too!
I might get my weight back eating at Alan's Place.  Kiss I hope it's Great food & I'm sure it will be.. Cool
Thanks for telling all about this BHR, this is why we missed YOU being here so much, all the info etc..Thanks!
I will be visiting My Son more now in Nashville LOL Love to eat & Enjoy with Adult Family!
Thanks for all you do BHR. Take care & Thinking of you & Yours , always. Jerrie( HomeTown MS)

 on: August 23, 2016, 05:44:52 pm 
It would seems that Alan is opening his own bar and restaurant on Broadway in Nashville. He just bought the former home to The Wheel and The Wheel Cigar Bar, a three-story, 6,000 square feet venue, for $5.75M  and is naming it AJ's Good Time Bar. Hmmmn. . . guess it's time to make plans for next summer. Read more details here:

CONGRATUATIONS, ALAN! Wishing you all the best on your new business venture.


 on: August 23, 2016, 05:27:35 pm 
Jeri, thank you so much for the prayers and the caring. My family haven't been having the best of times lately. First my FIL passed away early this year, then my mother and my husband's uncle and in between are serious family illnesses (both MIL and SIL) and my having had a bout twice with bronchitis. I'm doing and feeling much better. . .except for coughing. . .and will see my doctor next week for a follow up check. I do too have bad reaction to antibiotics, but not as bad as yours. I'm unable to function normally while I'm taking them. They make me feel woozy, drowsy and nauseous. As I've told my husband, 2016 has been the worst year in our entire married life yet. . .and we've been married for 45 years.

Sorry to hear of everything you and your husband have gone through with your health situations. I'm glad that you're both doing fine or better now. You're so right about how fast things could happen when you're over 50! We all just have to take extra care of our bodies to be healthy and stay that way as much and as long as possible. Thank you, again, for your kindness, friendship, caring and most of all, for the love and prayers. I appreciated all of them. Take care and love and prayers for you and your husband too.


 on: August 20, 2016, 12:07:14 pm 
Started by eschultz - Last post by miamired
Thanks Jeri.  One thing I do know for sure is that I will love the show and experience. 

If anyone is familiar with Albuquerque area, please let me know.  Can't afford the pricey rooms at Casino itself.  Trying to avoid added expense of renting a car.  I have free airport shuttle from hotel, and think I will look into my first Uber ride to casino.

Looks like my luck is changing with now being able to say that I will also be attending the Raleigh show as well.  I have a dear friend there that I have been meaning to visit for quite some time, and this is  the perfect op.  Thanks to many accumulated air miles, won't have to pay for flight there, and can avoid hotel bill with staying with my friend.   Odd ticketing with VIP at mid level range of $199 with this being standing area only.  Yes, very close to stage, and I suppose I am okay standing the whole show.  In the past, was seated for his concert, and out of courtesy to others, only stood when others were. Huge pet peeve of mine with others that only think of themselves, and block the view of others with persistent and prolonged standing.  Quick woo-hoo to a song or quick photo with standing when others are not, is not an issue with me.

 on: August 19, 2016, 10:11:40 pm 
Started by BIGHUSKERSRED - Last post by Jeri_MS
 So sorry for your painful times. I can identify w/You too. So sorry. Please get well and take care of YOU. Stay home and do this to recover. I have had asthma recently also  & I had a Mastoid Ear Surgery from infection. I took antibiotics that I had a severe Allergic reaction to & could not walk , sleep, or eat for three weeks. I went from 150 lbs to 103 and then had to have therapy to walk for eight weeks. I still walk w/a cane. Heck, I thought I was 50 LOL I aged some, losing so much in a short time, but my health is more important. Like You I will take care of ME now.I feel my real age now LOL.

Sad thing is, my hubby just retired for the third time, and we were set to travel & he  went to buy a loaf of bread & the store called me that he had been taken to the hospital, passed out & hit his head.. My car was there so for a while I was in shock as to "What do I do",, The man said he wasn't sure he had a pulse or not.. It was so scary... I called my daughter & she was at my door real quick,,,, she took us all to the hospital to see how my husband was, he was alive, Thank God, but he had to have a pacemaker. He is home now and ok, but when you get past 50, things can come up so fast...We enjoy our life just being together.

 It was tough losing my Mom too, a fine Lady & Mother to us Girls, I still miss her but it does get better w/time. Hang in there & be with people all you can. Relax more will help your bronchitis, I have had it a lot w/ asthma. Rest is good & eating the right foods.

I am still walking with a cane but my sweet husband bought me a new outfit, took me to have my hair done, and then my makeup done to go to my grandgirl's graduation for her bachelors from University of Florida. It was a Great day for me..they helped me byo support..She is in the Medical field . I was so proud to get to go if I had to crawl LOL

 BHR, I hope for you the BEST and You Take care Lady and let us hear how you are, when possible. Do what your Dr. says , as My Husband tells me. I will say Prayers for YOU Dear Heart.hugs to Ya!
God Bless You, Jerrie(HomeTown MS)

 on: August 18, 2016, 12:31:11 pm 
Hello, Everyone! I've been away from the forum for awhile and had been having painful personal experiences. My mother passed away July 30. About 9 days before I received an email from my nephew that my mother had been admitted to the hospital and was placed in the ICU. I came down and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis just a couple days before so I couldn't travel back to my country of birth, the Philippines, and visit her at the hospital before she passed on. So distraught was I, pouring out my emotional pain in tears, I told my husband I wanted to be at my mother's funeral sick or not. I felt well enough and had the clearance from my doctor to travel (with a little warning that I could get a relapse doing so) when we did go. Then on the very same day we were burying my mother, m husband was informed by his sibling that their uncle passed away. We arrived back home last Friday and the next day I was sick as a dog. . .again. My doctor was right. . .I'm having a relapse of bronchitis. The meds I'm taking are helping and I'm slowly recovering.

To Tuckyblue2: I received your Personal Message on my email account regarding  password you needed while my family and I were in the midst of our recent travel to attend my mother's funeral so I couldn't send you a reply back. I also wasn't sure what password that you were asking for is for. . .you weren't very specific in your message. I hope you're reading this because I really do apologize for not being able to respond to your PM, under the circumstances I was in when I received it.

Take care everyone. Love you all.


 on: August 18, 2016, 11:48:57 am 
Started by tuckyblue2 - Last post by Jeri_MS
Jerrie, do you mean "I'll Go On Loving You"?   

Jinx WoW! , You are so "  Right On The Money" w/this Song Shocked. I should have known a Huge AJ Fan such as you, would know this. I do love others but this is My personal favorite. I think it's on the "High Mileage "  DVD, but I could be wrong myself..Love the new Boxed set lots!!!!!

Thanks for Answering Jinx, Haven't seen many of the" Regulars" posting Lately. we have lost a special few also, such as Mazie , Dizzy, also Terry, God be them and their loved ones. I still miss them so! Terry took me to meet Monty A., from the band & we shook hands ! Dizzy & mazie we saw at several Concerts. The last was George Jones Birthday . They sat behind us.Hubby  made photos of us Together,out front of Building.....

Thanks for your Answer Jinx and I hope You & Yours are Well  , Hubby & I are slowly getting better .

Take care, Jerrie( HomeTown MS.) Cool   "I'll Go On Loving You" is  Great!

 on: August 18, 2016, 10:17:32 am 
Started by tuckyblue2 - Last post by jinx47
Jerrie, do you mean "I'll Go On Loving You"?   

 on: August 17, 2016, 10:35:35 pm 
Started by eschultz - Last post by Jeri_MS
Much like "Daddy Gene," I can so relate to the blessing of my dad making me feel the same way.  This event is in celebration of my dad and life itself.

Congrats! !Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure your Dad would be very pleased. My own Mom passed right after I saw Alan in Concert and
it gave me such PEACE seeing Alan at that time. The kind that only God can give.. Hard to explain..I took
care of my mom for Years too, she had help but every weekend we traveled 12 hours to check on her and paid people to check on her, as my husband was working then. He has since retired. She Lived to be 92 &
such a  wonderful Mother. I held her as she passed. I have so many sweet memories of her, but still miss her
at times . She was a special Lady.

Enjoy Your Vip Concert!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe & God Bless, Jerrie,( HomeTown MS.)  Cool

 on: August 17, 2016, 10:13:15 pm 
Started by tuckyblue2 - Last post by Jeri_MS
Hello To All New Fans & also those who know me from posting for Years!  Cool Hello Jinx, How are You!!

I was just about to order this set, when my Husband came in with it for me! I love it!

I Love some of Alan's older work.LOve the DVD with Alan talking in the Song, on a boat in the water. It my favorite "LOVE Song of his!Yo! Alan can sing anything... Can ANYONE tell me The Name of this Song of which I just described? TEST here ha! I have it but want to see how many of you like this Song Also.
Post Your Answer here now....
 Take Care to All AJ Fans and I Love those Strayhorns too!  Kiss

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